I used a four camera set up to cover Ireland’s largest TEDx event in the Grand Canal theatre


Comedy Banditry:
The Rubberbandits, a cows heart, some chemicals. What could go wrong?

Pedal To Poland

Vox Popping:
We went in search of volunteers to cycle to Poland to support Ireland in Euro 2012. Sure who wouldn’t…

Alison Conneely

Fashion Shoot:
Promo for Alison Conneely’s ‘Bella’s Faul’ collection

Interview with Ben Hammersley

Straight Talking:
Fancy a chat. This is a one-to-one interview i filmed for SpeakingEvents.com using two cameras and a simple lighting set up.

Cap Pas Cap Music Video

Green Screens:
… are an animators best friend

The Swequity Exchange

The Apprentice on a budget. Here’s a 30min documentary i made about a start-up program